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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Steps in Design Process (General Procedure in Design)

Steps in Design Process (General Procedure in Design)

In designing a component there is no rigid rule. However, the general Steps in Design Process to solve a design problem is as follows:

Steps in Design Process
Steps in Design Process

Define the need

First of all, define the design problem or make a complete statement of the problem, indicating the need or purpose for which the component is to be made. For example: Suppose we have to design a mouse for the computer which is used for operating the computer.

Synthesis (Mechanisms)

Synthesis means selecting the possible mechanism or group of mechanisms which will give the desired motion or output. For example while designing a mouse select a mechanism to click and scroll.

Analysis of forces

Find out the forces acting on each member of the component (machine) and the motion transmitted by each member. For example: In the design of a mouse, the main force is the weight of hand of the operator and the normal reaction from the surface.

Selection of material

Select the best suitable material for each member of the component (machine). For example: The best material for mouse is plastic (outer body), scrolling part is made of rubber and sensing element is made of glass.

Design of elements (shape, size and stresses)

Find the shape and size of each member of the component (machine) by considering forces acting on the member and permissible stresses for the used material. For example: In the design of mouse the scrolling part is round in shape, base is flat and the upper part is of curved shape.


Modify the shape and size of the component as per the past experience of the designer. The modification may also reduce the overall cost of manufacturing. For example : While designing a mouse, modify  the shape of the base, make the hand resting part as more comfortable to the operator, increase the diameter of scrolling part, etc.

Detailed drawing

Draw the detailed drawing of each member and assembly of the component with complete specification for the suggested manufacturing process. For example : In the mouse design, draw the detailed drawing of left and right click, scrolling part, hand resting part, etc.


As per the drawn detailed drawing, the component is manufactured and assembled in the workshop. For example: The most of the parts of a mouse are generally made on inject-ion moulding machine and assembled by press fit.

Questions Covered in article

Q.1 Explain different steps in the design process.

Q.2 Explain different steps in design process with one example.

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